Portugal - Wage & Salaries

Portugal: Wage & Salaries

Unit Index 2010=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 4.66 %
Data Jun 2017 109.15
May 2017 104.29

Series Information

Source Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Portugal (Statistics Portugal)
Release Industrial Wage and Turnover Index
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2010
End Date 6/30/2017

Portugal: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Labor Force 2022 Q4 5,245 5,234 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Labor Force Employment 2022 Q4 4,902 4,929 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment 2022 Q4 342.7 305.8 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment Rate 2022 Q4 6.5 5.8 %, NSA Quarterly
Primary Industries Employment 2020 258.7 270.1 Ths. # Annual
Secondary Industries Employment 2020 1,192 1,212 Ths. # Annual
Tertiary Industries Employment 2020 3,362 3,430 Ths. # Annual
Agriculture Employment 2017 353,935 359,978 # Annual
Wage & Salaries Jun 2017 109.15 104.29 Index 2010=100, NSA Monthly

Release Information

For Portugal, the index of turnover in industry shows the progression of the market of goods and services in a given industry and its disaggregation between domestic and foreign markets. The source utilizes the monthly survey on business volume and employment in industry to calculate the index. 

Target population - Companies based on the national territory with their main activity falling within the industrial, construction and public works, retail, and services economic activity sectors.  


Main activity - The most important economic activity that the company carries out. 

Employment - all persons, employed or self-employed, engaged in a productive activity covered by the definition of production given by the system

Company - Legal entity that is one unit organization of production of goods and / or services, with autonomy in relation to the allocation of its current resources. A company may carry out one or more activities in one or more locations.

Hours Effectively worked - Total number of hours actually devoted to work by the staff including overtime, time spent in the workplace preparing/maintaining tools, dead but paid work due shutdown of machinery/accidents and short breaks for coffee. It excludes absence from work. 

Paid Staff - persons performing an activity in the enterprise under an written or not written employment contract, entitling them to regular payment. This exludes workers working through one company but are being paid by another company due to a working relationship between the two companies. 

Finished Products - products ready for sale or shipping.

Products and Works ongoing - Partially finished goods and services that are subject to further transformation, or which are not ready, where the process must continue through the same producer.

Turnover - Net sales and services rendered in connection with normal activities of the entities. 

The source revises data for the previous two months everytime data is updated incorporating new information, or substituting provisional values with definitive values. The source also reviews the previous years data with the March monthly update. Other revisions may occur at any time due to any serious errors that are discovered.