Portugal - Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Portugal: Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Mnemonic CPI.IPRT
Unit 2012=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.26 %
Data Feb 2023 116.25
Jan 2023 115.95

Series Information

Source Instituto Nacional de Estatística - Portugal (Statistics Portugal)
Release Consumer price index (CPI)
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1957
End Date 2/28/2023

Portugal: Price

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Feb 2023 116.25 115.95 2012=100, NSA Monthly
Producer Price Index (PPI) Feb 2023 131.78 130.23 Index 2015=100, NSA Monthly
Wholesale Price Index 2016 101.78 104.7 Index 2010 = 100 Annual

Release Information

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an indicator showing how the prices of a certain basket of goods and services bought by a “typical” consumer change over time. The CPI has been designed to capture price changes and not to measure price levels. Both the consumption pattern and the goods and services included in the CPI basket were derived from the year 2000 Household Budget Survey and are updated annually with the most recent information on prices and quantities. 

The CPI is compiled through the aggregation of seven regional price indexes and the goods and services included in the index are grouped according to the COICOP classification.

Monthly rate the change in the index of a month compared with that of the previous month expressed as a percentage.

A 12-month average rate is the change in the average index of one year compared with the average index of the previous year expressed as a percentage.

Core inflation index is compiled by excluding prices of unprocessed foods and energy products from the CPI. The primary objective is to capture the underlying inflation pressures in the economy.

Release is subject to revisions